Capital Health Quick Facts

Did You Know?

We also support family physicians in our district through our District Department of Family Practice.

  • We are Nova Scotia’s second-largest employer, with 12,000 employees - nearly the population of Truro.
  • Capital Health spends an average of $2 million per day to provide care and promote health.
  • Capital Health is educating the health care professionals of tomorrow. We have 400 medical students, 500 postgraduate students, 120 nursing students, 100 health sciences students and 3,500 students learning here from other institutions.
  • Capital Health, in partnership with organizations such as Dalhousie University and the IWK Health Centre, is a hub of research in Atlantic Canada. We have 550 people working on research to improve health in our province and around the world.
  • More than 2,000 volunteers work in more than 300 programs at Capital Health. These volunteers are part of the Capital Health team, helping achieve our vision of becoming a world-leading haven for people-centred health, healing and learning. Capital Health includes seven Community Health Boards. These boards, led by volunteers, are the eyes, ears and voice for the health of our communities. Their work informs Capital Health on the health needs of our communities and helps shape health services plans for the district. Capital Health’s Community Health Boards award community development grants to community-based projects and organizations for a wide variety of health and wellness initiatives aimed at improving the health of our citizens.
  • As a citizen who cares about your health, you are a part of the Capital Health team. Together and as individuals, we will make decisions and take actions that will make each of us and our communities healthier. That is Our Promise in Action.