Facilities Renewal Project

Innovative Care, Flexible Facilities

Innovative care and flexible facilities best describes how we are using our resources to improve the healthcare services we provide now and in the future. We invite you to read our Multi-Year Business Plan, to learn more about our strategy to use future investment in infrastructure as a key factor in improving our primary health care system.

In May 2014, the provincial government announced the approval of the second stage of design for work on the Dartmouth General Hospital and the Halifax Infirmary site of the QEII Health Sciences Centre. This phase includes creating more specific plans for the renovation of the third, fourth and fifth floors of the Dartmouth General, with the addition of a tower to house eight operating rooms. The Halifax Infirmary site will also undergo renovations and construction to add new floors. A request for proposals for phase two designs (definition of phase two designs?) has been issued and can be viewed online at Nova Scotia Procurement Services - Tenders.

One of the advantages of the new design will be to locate similar services closer together. It will also provide the opportunity to modernize operating rooms, patient rooms, outpatient areas and other areas of healthcare buildings in Halifax and Dartmouth.
Preliminary designs were completed in 2012 as part of an announcement by the provincial government, in partnership with the QEII Health Sciences Centre Foundation and the Dartmouth General Hospital Charitable Foundation, in late 2011 to determine the most economical and efficient way to complete much-needed upgrades over the next five years.

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