Nursing Home Residents - Care by Design

What Nursing Home Residents Can Expect

Weekly Access to a Physician

Care by Design physicians are each assigned to one unit/floor of a nursing home, where they make regularly scheduled visits at least once a week and conduct regular medication reviews.

This allows stronger relationships to form between residents, their families, physicians and nursing home staff.

Access to Urgent Care 24/7

Physicians and facility Medical Directors rotate in an on-call system to respond to calls after normal working hours, making urgent care available to nursing home residents 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

On-Site Care from Paramedics

Emergency Health Services Extended Care Paramedics respond to non-emergency calls in nursing homes to assess and potentially treat residents on-site. This reduces the need for residents to go to hospital via ambulance and wait in the emergency room.

These paramedics can suture small lacerations, do IVs, cardiograms, casts for small fractures and coordinate a resident’s transfer to hospital if necessary.