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Recruitment To Practice

The Department of Family Practice appreciates the challenges community Family Physicians face in recruiting physicians and other health care professionals to their practice. 

There are numerous online resources available to help you create an effective advertisement. As well, DFP is pleased to provide support to you in creating an ad or providing feedback for you on your advertisement. 

Key points we recommend are:

  • Keep it short and relevant
  • Make it aesthetically pleasing
  • Identify your team members by role
  • Include the EMR you use
  • Include information about how you are paid
  • Outline briefly the time commitments for practice and/or after hours call
  • Include contact information

There are many physician recruitment sites online and journals in which you can post your information. 

We suggest the following:

For information on Family Practice Nurses or Nurse Practitioners in your practice, visit the Primary Health Care website.

For more information please contact DFP:
Tel: 902-487-0209
Fax: 902-454-7107