Communities of Practice - Group Call Systems - DFP

Family Physicians in the Nova Scotia Health Authority have numerous options to join call groups in the NS Health Authority and the IWK.

Care by Design

Care by Design physicians are assigned to one floor in a Nursing Home, participate in a well organized on call network and are supported by programs such as the EHS Extended Care Paramedic service. Schedules are flexible, centrally managed and are practice friendly, with a well established remuneration scheme in place.

For more information contact Dr. Barry Clarke, District Medical Director, Continuing Care Email:

Urgent Care Centre (UCC)

Urgent Care Centres are designated by geography within Capital Health. Currently, there is an Urgent Care Centre in East Dartmouth and planning is underway for Sackville and Halifax. UCC Physicians must be located within the geographic area of the UCC.

For more information contact the Department of Family Practice: Tel: 902-487-0209, Email

Collaborative Emergency Centres (CEC)- Musquodoboit Harbour & Musquodoboit Valley

Collaborative Emergency Centres (CECs) are an innovative model of health care delivery to improve access to both primary health care and emergency care. While the majority of the CEC shifts are scheduled for the full time and part time physicians working in the communities, there are opportunities for physicians outside the group contract to participate in this model. 

For more information contact the Department of Family Practice: Tel: 902-487-0209, Email:

Family Physician Hospitalist Program

Family Physician Hospitalists provide coordinated, quality inpatient medical care to family practice patients at Dartmouth General Hospital (DGH), the QEII Health Sciences Centre (QEII) and Hants Community Hospital (HCH) and are an integral part of Hospital Care in NOva Scotia Health Authority. Each site offers a unique experience to the Family Physician Hospitalist. Variation between the Family Physician Hospitalist Programs includes patient acuity, Length of Stay (LOS), Specialist Support, physician scope of practice and responsibility, and physician remuneration.

For more information contact: 

QEII Health Sciences Centre - Dr. Christy Bussey, Site Chief of Family Practice, Email:

Dartmouth General Hospital - Dr. Natalie Cheng, Site Chief for Family Practice, Email: