Electronic Medical Records - DFP

There are a number of EMR solutions available to physicians including:


Contact: Lisa Napier, PHIM Program Manager, Tel: 902-424-8080, Email: lisa.napier@gov.ns.ca


Contact: Bob Brown, Tel: 902-422-1973 Ext. 155, Email: BBrown@dymaxion.ca

Accuro EMR

Contact: Michael Halligan, Tel: 250-979-1729, Email: michael.halligan@QHRtechnologies.com

Doctors Nova Scotia can advise physicians on EMR solutions and the implementation of an EMR in practice. The EMR advisors area available to answer specific IT related questions as well as Master Agreement incentive funding related inquiries. 

Contact: Brent Andrews, Tel: 902-225-8577, Email: brent.andrews@doctorsns.com

The Canadian Medical Association has developed a five year strategy for health information technology (HIT) investment in Canada and Guiding Principles for Physician EMR Adoption in Ambulatory Clinical Practice.

Information on EMRs and the Personal Health Information Act (PHIA) can be found at DNS EMRs & Privacy

Resource Document

Policy on the Content and Maintenance of Medical Records