District Stroke Program

In excess of 500 patients are admitted with the diagnosis of stroke to six sites in Capital Health annually. Many others are treated for stroke through outpatient programs.

The District Stroke Program (DSP) was established in August 2009 to address gaps in stroke care across Capital Health. The DSP works closely with Cardiovascular Health Nova Scotia (CVHNS) in their efforts to organize stroke care across Nova Scotia.

Our work involves:

  • Enhancing Capital Health’s capacity to deliver organized, programmatic stroke care (including inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation) to persons living with stroke, their caregivers and families regardless of where they reside
  • Improving the transition of care across the continuum - from the onset of first stroke symptoms through inpatient care and community re-integration
  • Facilitating the use of best practices by supporting ongoing education and interdisciplinary clinical skill development across Capital Health
  • Providing leadership in stroke consultation and education across Capital Health and the province
  • Enabling ongoing data collection, monitoring, surveillance and evaluation