Optional Critical & Dependent Illness Insurance

Critical Illness Insurance Benefit

  • Optional
  • Available to any permanent employees
  • Employees working at least 40 per cent of a regular work week
  • Available to both the employee and their spouse, so long as they are both under 70
  • If the employee does not want coverage for themselves, their spouse can be covered so long as they are eligible

The employee and/or spouse can elect the minimum coverage of $10,000 or elect further coverage in units of $5,000 up to a maximum of $150,000 (one time lump sum payment only).

Dependent Critical Illness Benefit

  • Living Benefit designed to provide a LUMP SUM payment of $10,000 should the covered be diagnosed with one of a number of specified conditions.
  • Children are covered for 21 illnesses that affect both children/adults and an additional seven child specific illnesses.
  • Assist your family in coping with a serious illness.
  • Lump sum payment could be used for family costs related with a child being diagnosed with a serious illness
    • Modifications to your home (addition of a wheelchair ramp)
    • Enable a parent to take a few weeks leave of absence without pay from work to stay with their child during hospitalization

If you are considering this benefit, carefully read "Optional Dependent Critical Illness Questions & Answers" on our Booklets & Forms page then complete the "Optional Critical Illness Application Form".