Out of Country Coverage

Capital Health's Extended Health Plan includes an out-of-country medical plan provided by SSQ Financial Group. If you travel outside of Canada, your medical coverage applies 24 hours a day to a maximum of 60 days per trip.

Specific coverage details are outlined in "Travel Insurance - Out Of Country Medical Plan". If you’re planning on travelling abroad and are a member of the CH extended health plan, you may obtain your SOS card and consent form under Booklets & Forms.

As employees sometimes travel to countries that are considered politically unstable, it is important to understand the exclusions under our policies that might limit or nullify coverage. The War Risk information for both the AD&D policies and the Travel (Out of Country) policy is included below.

Basic and Voluntary AD and D Policies

  • These policies have Designated War Risk Zones Coverage in countries classed Zones. So if there is a loss in a Zone B, C or D that is deemed to be caused by an act of war (declared or undeclared), the policy would respond to the loss.
  • There is no Designated War Risk Zones in countries classed as Zone A -1, A - 2, or A - 3. So if there is a loss that is deemed to be caused by an act of war (declared or undeclared), the policy would not respond to the loss. If an employee travels to one of these countries for personal reasons, the employee should contact an individual insurance broker to obtain alternate coverage.
  • The War exclusion only applies to losses caused or contributed to by acts of war and not all possible causes. In other words, if an employee is in a Zone A country and is hit by a car and the loss is in no way caused by an act of war, the exclusion will not apply.

Out of Country Medical Insurance

  • There is no war risk coverage under this policy. This means that if you are injured in any part of the world and the injury is related to a war, declared or undeclared, there is no emergency medical coverage provided.
  • Coverage is limited to a maximum of 60 days per trip.

Questions about the out-of-country medical plan contact Benefits:

  • Employees residing in metro Halifax call 902-473-5757 (Option 3, Option 1)
  • Employees outside of the metro Halifax area call 1-866-473-5757 (Option 3, Option 1) .

Bon Voyage!