Staff Breastfeeding Guide

Making Breastfeeding Work...At Work!

Before leaving on your maternity leave…

  • Have a conversation with your supervisor/manager to discuss your plan to continue breastfeeding when you return to work. Begin to explore possible options.

Before returning to work…

  • One month before returning to work, have a conversation with your supervisor/manager to develop a plan to continue breastfeeding. Let them know what you will need and what they can do to help you.
  • Learn about expressing and storing breast milk. Find the method of expression that works best for you. For more information, call Capital Health Public Health Services 902-481-5800 or refer to Breastfeeding Basics, a free Public Health resource    
  • Begin storing your breast milk about two weeks prior to returning to work to ensure that your child has enough
  • You may want to get your child used to drinking pumped breast milk
  • Check your wardrobe. Two-piece outfits are a more practical choice when breastfeeding or expressing milk at work. Patterned tops can hide leakage and/or the contour of a nursing pad. It may be useful to keep a sweater at work, just in case
  • Perform a “test run” workday. Arrange for the child to be left with a caregiver for a typical workday. Breastfeed and/or pump as you would during a workday. As a result, any kinks can be worked out

When you are back to work…

  • Stay organized. This can decrease the stress associated with returning to work and maximize your success with continuing to provide your child with breast milk.
  • Give yourself time before work to breastfeed at least once and breastfeed right after you return from work.
  • When at home, breastfeed as often as you can. This will help you maintain your milk supply.
  • Talk with other women who have combined work and breastfeeding.
  • When using a work space to breastfeed or pump, please post a sign on the door while the space is in use.  Here are examples of signs that Capital Health staff have used - Sample 1; Sample 2. Feel free to make your own sign.  Signs could be as simple as, “Space in use, please do not disturb.”

Be proud of yourself and celebrate your commitment!

Adapted from: Making breastfeeding work…at work!. South Shore Health.