Workshop: Is Gardening More Than a 'Feel Good' Activity?

Join Lesley Fleming and Janice Morrison for a workshop as they explain the fundamentals of Horticultural Therapy (HT) and Therapeutic Horticulture (TH) and how these relate to gardening, the directed horticultural activities used for specific health outcomes, populations who benefit from HT, and therapeutic landscapes.

This workshop will be of interest to people using gardening with seniors, children, veterans, community gardens as well as health workers, horticulturists, and therapists.  

This session is presented by Halifax's new Common Roots Urban Farm.

Pre-Registration is required: $25 fee payable to Partners for Care mailed to Partners for Care at 1796 Summer St, Halifax, B3H 3A7

Lesley Fleming is a Registered Horticultural Therapist with a private practice in Florida.  She is a Director of the American Horticultural Therapy Association, author and Editor in Chief of AHTA News Magazine. She is a member of the Common Roots Urban Farm Advisory Committee.

Janice Morrison is a Horticultural Therapist specializing in programs with cancer populations.  She has 30 years experience as a horticulturist/nurseryman/businesswoman in Cape Breton, sits on several boards related to protecting the natural environment and is a member of the Common Roots Urban Farm Advisory Committee.


Monday, June 25, 2012 - 9:00am - 12:00pm

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Target Audience:

health professionals

Location Details:

Room 1613, 1st Floor, Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Building
5955 Veterans Memorial Lane
Halifax, NS, NS B3H 2E1