New Hire Information & Forms

Welcome to Capital Health! 

You have received an offer of employment to work at Capital Health; before you can begin there is paperwork you need to complete.

Follow these steps to complete your new hire paperwork:

  • Carefully review the email you received regarding your conditional offer of employment (Subject: Capital Health Hire Process).
  • Under the section Payroll and Benefits in the email take note of the forms you are required to complete.
  • Find the forms in the list below and click to open each page.
  • Read the information carefully, follow the links to each form and complete as required.
  • Ensure any forms that require your signature to be witnessed have a witness’ signature. If the form is received without the signature of a witness it will be returned to you for completion and the delay may affect your benefits.
  • Return the completed forms to the HR Assistant contact provided in the email.
  • If you have any questions, contact the appropriate area based on the information provided in your email.

Note: Some of the forms you are required to complete will include a space for your employee ID number. This number will not be available until you start work. Please leave this space blank.

New Hire Information - Documents & Forms

Questions & Contact Information

For Items. . .

  • (A) thru (C) and (P) above call Payroll at 902-473-5757, option 2.
  • (D) thru (O) above call a Benefits Administrator at 902-473-5757, Option 3, Option 1.
  • (Q) above email the Privacy Officer at