Capital Health employees explain how they celebrated Healthy Workplace Month

Monday, November 4, 2013 - 2:05pm

October was Healthy Workplace month and this year’s theme was “Know it. Live it. My Mental Health Matters.”

We asked Capital Health staff how they cared for their mental health and here are a few of their responses.

Terry Boudreau, P.Eng., B.Sc., Periop Services Analysis and Reporting:

  • Every morning I do a kenken puzzle and when I have the time at nights I do logic puzzles and meditate.

Kim Hiscock, BN RN, CPRP, Clinical Nurse Educator, Capital Health Addictions and Mental Health Program:  

  • I take care of my mental health in a variety of ways. I enjoy reading very much and always take a book along in the car for road trips (of course not when I am driving). I really enjoy getting immersed in a good mystery….this has always been my favorite genre since my Nancy Drew days! I have taken up photography in the last couple of years and get great joy in capturing the sunsets, scenery and yes even the spider in the web. Photography has really given me a new way to see beauty in everyday life. I have attached a photo here. I also try to laugh and have fun at work when I can. It makes the days so much brighter.

Marjorie Ryan, RN, Continuing Care Coordinator:

  • Just thought I would let you know that coping for me involves relaxing music, crocheting and long bubble baths! I have been an RN for 23 years and coping in the early days meant escaping to the country with my children whenever able. I am blessed with an understanding husband who reads my signs, doesn't ask any questions and has the bath ready for me as soon as I walk through the door. I also have ambiant lighting at my desk!

Teresa Smith, Administrative Assistant to the Director of Technology and Infrastructure Renewal:

  • I take care of my mental health in many ways such as walking the dog and gardening. This summer I started fishing and it ended up consuming my summer evenings and weekends. Myself and my son have gone deep sea fishing, sea bass fishing and have found many new lakes and rivers around Nova Scotia. We have big plans for next year. I love the fresh air, sunshine, picnics and the new people we have met along the way and the family time we share. All great stuff to help take care of my mental health.

Joel Maxwell, Analyst, Performance Excellence Program:

  • It is a rather common thing to do, but for my wellness, I take some time out of the week for myself. Often this is taking a long (two hour) solo bike ride. Being by yourself isn’t the key thing. Depending on the weather (e.g. too cold to ride), I would hike with a group. I sometimes take this time to work out something that is troubling me, but it is all right to just use the time to relax. The important part is the fresh air, the exercise (physical wellness is important for mental wellness), and the sense of accomplishment. Don’t forget to check out the view!

During this month we asked you how we can best address stigma related to mental health. Each person that shared with us had their names entered into a draw for a prize.  We drew for two prizes and the winners are Marjorie Ryan, Continuing Care and Sarah Blades, Community Health. Congratulations! They have both won a ‘relaxation bag’ - a cozy blanket, eye mask, ear plugs, relaxing music CD, herbal tea, hot water bottle and a water bottle.

All of the ideas that were shared will help influence the work being done on the Mental Health and Addictions Strategy for Capital Health staff. Thank you for your thoughtful suggestions, ideas and comments - they will make a difference!