Staff on Community Transitions Unit approach storm with a whole lot of heart

Wednesday, March 18, 2015 - 7:34pm

Lindi Barkhouse, manager of the Community Transitions Unit at the VG site of the QEII, shares how her staff are going above and beyond to help patients - and each other - in today's storm.

Barkhouse tells a bit of what she's seen on the unit so far:
"- Staff switching shifts with those who could walk (for over an hour or two) to get to the building.
"- A personal support worker who is on modified duties still coming in overnight and sleeping here, then walking two hours home, so they could 'do what they can' with their injury to help
"- Allied health coming to unit to offer help, after walking in for an hour.
"- Night staff sleeping during day to help again in a few hours, even though they aren't on schedule and could walk home.
"- Everyone sharing their food in fridge. Director arranging hot food for them tonight.
"- Staff not leaving site from Tuesday morning to Thursday night at earliest.
"- Staff offering our spare couches/etc to other areas when they are not sleeping in them. We have a few new friends we've never met sleeping in our meeting room.
"- Lots of hugging and reassuring confused patients who are scared of all the snow and wind outside the windows.
"- Staff staying late even before storm started Tuesday to stock the unit in case they couldn't be here.
"- Staff helping on other units as they can throughout storm.
"... and that is just a START of why I know as a manager that I am lucky to have staff with HEART," says Barkhouse, referring to the START with Heart and Respond with HEART programs being offered at Capital Health, which are focused on providing exceptional service to patients, clients, families and colleagues.
If you'd like to share a story of an individual or team at Capital Health who has gone above and beyond during the storm, please email