Nurses giving flu vaccine embrace Halloween

Thursday, October 31, 2013 - 4:13pm

Halloween collided with Capital Health’s immunization campaign Thursday, Oct. 31 at the Dalhousie Family Medicine Clinic on Mumford Road. Marjorie Neill made a flu vaccine costume for herself and a flu bug costume for her colleague Shelley Newman. It even had this year’s flu slogan Get injected, not infected! sewn on the back.

"Last year we went as Cholesterol, and with this year's slogan, we thought, why not?" said Neill who hand made the costumes for the two RNs who are good friends. "I used quilt batting and black felt. The needle on top of my head was a bike helmet covered in white paper, topped with a aluminum foil-covered paper towel roll."

The flu bug costume was created out of what Neill describes as "phlegm-coloured" green felt adorned with spiders and green mittens.

The two nurses are flu champions who have already immunized staff at their location. For the annual Halloween staff party they came up with a routine.

"Shelley would run up to someone first and 'slime' them by giving them a hug," said Neill. "Then I would run up to them and yell, 'Get injected - not infected!' and people absolutely loved it!"

See more pictures of the costumes.

Immunization clinics will continue to run across the district until Friday, Nov. 8. Read the schedule here.