Wonderful team at the QEII

Thursday, March 13, 2014 - 1:22pm

This letter from a grateful patient to the staff of the QEII Health Sciences Centre demonstrates the profound impact of compassionate care:

“Just over a year ago, I had an ATV accident at work and crushed my hand. I was brought to the QE2 by ambulance that day and have experienced nothing but professionalism and top notch care from that point forward. From the physicians, nurses and X-ray technicians who initially cared for me to the wonderful team in Plastics, my experience has been an overall positive one.

“Unfortunately, I lost my middle finger on my dominant hand as well as much of my ring finger. What was left of my index finger was skillfully reattached by Dr. Justin Paletz. Dr. Paletz showed me care and compassion the day of my accident and not once dismissed me as an irresponsible ATV rider (I was, in fact, a passenger during a demonstration of the machine). Dr. Emily Krauss was the resident on duty that day and also treated me very well and was sincerely concerned for my well being.

“Due to the nature of my injuries, recovery was not quick. For awhile, I was making weekly visits to the plastics department. On the first day that I returned to have the initial dressing removed, Dr. Jason Williams was on duty. He, too, was patient and compassionate and even remembered by name on future visits and passing in the hall.

“The nurses, Angela and LeeAnn, in Plastics are absolutely amazing at what they do.....whenever I would feel anxious, they took the time to explain what was happening and cheerlead me through it. Even now that my visits are checkups, they always take the time to say hello and ask how I'm doing. Laurie at reception, as well.

“My time with the Occupational Therapists in the hospital only lasted a few weeks, before starting to work with a hand therapist outside the hospital. Rosemary and Stephen were my therapists during this time and showed so much care and interest in my recovery that I still pop in to say hi once in awhile.

“I have seen several residents and feel privileged to have that many professionals involved in my care and to feel like my accident may contribute to their learning. Dr. Paletz appears to be a great mentor to them.

“Today was my first minor procedure since the accident and that is what made me feel the need to write this letter. We arrived at 7:30 a.m. and could see that there were some changes happening to the minor procedures area. This did not affect anything for my visit and I was pleasantly surprised when my name was called right on time.

To say I was afraid would be an understatement...I was terrified. Heather stayed right by my side for the entire procedure and managed to juggle finding the odd item for Dr. Paletz with keeping me distracted from my fear at the same time. It takes a special person to tune into a patient's needs, and to pay attention to the surgeon too.

There were two residents and though I cannot remember their names, I certainly won't forget them. They, too, treated me with respect and compassion and made me feel very comfortable. Dr. Paletz was great, as usual and was very clear on what they would be doing.

“I realize this is a lengthy note; however it felt it important to illustrate the numerous visits to the QE2 where my expectations have been exceeded every time. Without the care that I received and the health care professionals who took an active and interested role in my recovery, I would be in a much different space.

“Thank you all, for the dedication and hard work you put in every day. I am extremely grateful.”