Your chance to create this year's flu shot campaign slogan

Thursday, May 15, 2014 - 11:44am

"Get the flu shot. The life you save may not be yours." - 2012

"Don’t go viral. Protect yourself and others against influenza." - 2011

"Get the flu shot and don’t be sick as a dog!" - 2010

"Don’t sit on the sidelines this year. Get the flu shot, not the flu." - 2009

Here is your chance to create this year’s Employee Health Influenza Immunization Campaign slogan! Last year’s winner was J MacNeil from 8.1 with the slogan:

Get Injected! Not Infected!

Submit your creative ideas on what our staff flu campaign slogan should be!

The winning slogan will be used for all promotional materials for this year’s campaign.

Open to all Capital Health staff and learners. Enter as many entries as you like.

Please submit your entries to by June 13, 2014 and you will have a chance to win cash prize of $50 plus the option of being immunized first for this year’s campaign!