Retirement & Pension

Capital Health works closely with the Nova Scotia Health Employees' Pension Plan (NSHEPP) and the NS Pension Services Corporation to offer our employees the best pension benefits available. The pension plan you pay into will depend on your eligibility and your position. You can find which pension plan you are in on your pay advisement.

As part of our commitment to our employees, Capital Health will match your contibutions to your pension plan. We also have several other services to provide you with the information and support you may need to plan for your retirement and to make the transition as smooth as possible when the time comes.  

Pre-retirement education seminars

Capital Health offers Pre-Retirement Education Seminars for employees preparing to transition into retirement. You can check the Payroll and Benefits News on the Capital Health Intranet..

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    • How Can I Obtain a Pension Estimate
    • Pre-Retirement Seminars
    • Beneficiary designation
    • Survivor Benefits for Two Surviving Spouses