Scheduling Guidelines, QEII NSGEU

About Scheduling Guidelines?

Scheduling guidelines are a set of procedures and processes for managers, scheduling committees and staff to use when developing unit and vacation schedules. The intent is to help create consistent scheduling practices across all clinical areas regardless of whether the area uses a rotational scheduling model or a self-scheduling model. The scheduling guidelines support high quality patient care, best practices and the NSGEU collective agreement.

Why do we need Scheduling Guidelines?

There are three main reasons for implementing scheduling guidelines.

  • The first is to help managers and scheduling committees ensure schedules meet safe, quality patient care needs on their unit.
  • The second is to help make scheduling practices across clinical areas more consistent regardless of whether the area is using a rotational scheduling model or self-scheduling model.
  • The third is to ensure all staffing and vacation schedules comply with the NSGEU collective agreement.

Where will the scheduling guidelines be implemented?

In the first phase, the scheduling guidelines will be implemented on all units of the QEII that have NSGEU bargaining unit employees, specifically all in-patient, critical care, perioperative, rehabilitation services, veterans services, dialysis and ambulatory care areas. In later phases, which are to be implemented within 12 to 24 months, similar guidelines will be developed for other areas of Capital Health. The goal is to have district wide, consistent staff scheduling practice for all clinical areas.

When will Scheduling Guidelines be implemented?

The expectation is that all clinical areas staffed with NSGEU bargaining unit employees will:

  • As of Thursday, January 16, 2014, use the new vacation guidelines to submit their annual vacation requests for 2014-2015
  • As of Tuesday, April 1, 2014 have fully implemented the new staff scheduling guidelines.

Who was involved in the development?

The scheduling guidelines were developed by an advisory group of managers (VG and HI sites), directors and labour and professional practice reps. The scheduling guidelines have been approved by Capital Health’s Leadership Executive Team (LET) and are sponsored by Paula Bond, VP Acute Care - Patient Centered Health and Kathy MacNeil, VP People. The implementation of the guidelines is being led by Brian Butt, Director, Office of Clinical Care Coordination, in concert with the advisory group that developed the guidelines.

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