Clinical Nutrition - Food & Nutrition Services

Clinical Dietitian

The Clinical Dietitian/Nutritionist performs:

  • Comprehensive nutrition assessments
  • Determines nutrition status and nutrition related diagnosis
  • Collaboration with the individual/family and care team
  • Establishes and coordinates implementation of a nutrition plan of care, consistent with the overall plan of care, to meet identified needs
  • Monitors outcomes and achievement of nutrition goals, re-assessing and revising plan of care to optimize outcomes.

Nutrition care plans are outcome-focused and incorporate evidence based best practice. Plans are formulated to optimize both clinical and fiscal outcomes and emphasize health promotion and disease prevention. As part of patient care, the Clinical Dietitian is responsible for educating patients/caregivers about their overall disease and especially how it relates to nutritional management. The Clinical Dietitian is part of and promotes a collaborative health care team approach to patient care.

Dietetic Technician

The Dietetic Technician is a collaborator in the Collaborative Care Model, working under the direction of the Clinical Dietitian/Nutritionist, the Dietetic Technician;

  • Conducts nutrition risk screening for timely identification of patients at risk for protein-calorie malnutrition
  • Manages menu modification based on diet orders and food requirements including allergies
  • Provides select patient education (i.e. may introduce basic concept and/or reinforce education provided by dietitian - use of written material and e-learning programs)

The Dietetic Technician facilitates communication between food service and the Clinical Dietitian.

Inpatient/Outpatient Services

Clinical dietitians are part of both the ambulatory and inpatient care teams.

Inpatient dietitians work in:

  • Acute care
  • Critical care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Mental health
  • Long term care.

Outpatient dietitians work in:

  • Renal programs
  • Nutrition education clinics
  • Geriatric day hospital
  • Ambulatory dysphasia
  • Total parenteral nutrition/ home enteral feeding.

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