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Making good decisions is about involving patients and citizens in their health care to help us better understand their hopes, fears, values and needs. It also enables people to experience health care in a more positive and meaningful way. There are many ways patients and their families can participate in making decisions about their own health and wellness.

Get involved

We are always looking for people to volunteer their time, energy, knowledge and ideas with us by participating on a committee or taking part in a survey, focus group or special consultation. For more information please contact us at 902-473-1180 or

If you are ready to get involved please complete our Online Form

If you are looking for volunteer opportunities in one of our hospitals or programs, please contact Volunteer Services directly.

Planning Care and Services

You are a vital member of your health care team. We encourage you to participate in your own health care while you are a patient in hospital and to work with the other professionals who suppport your health care.


We invite current and former patients to provide advice and information on their patient care experience to impove the quality of our care and the services we provide for patients and clients.

Involving citizens helps Capital Health understand the needs of the community it serves. It helps us to see opportunities for working differently we might not have seen on our own. It also directly affects the delivery of care and services in communities, leads to improvements in the community’s health and creates understanding of our individual roles and responsibilities for our health.

There are many ways citizens can participate in making decisions about their communitiy's health and wellness including: