Our Strategies

Capital Health’s focus on Citizen Engagement stems directly from our Declaration of Health. The Declaration acknowledges Capital Health as part of a larger system of health and health care. It says that having strong relationships with our patients and citizens will lead to healthier people and communities, a sustainable health system, and a shared accountability for health regardless of whether we are a patient, client, citizen or a health care professional.

To demonstrate our commitment to the Declaration of Health, we have created an internal Engagement Policy that makes engaging patients and citizens the responsibility of everyone at Capital Health. The policy is based on some basic ideas about how we connect with and involve patients, families and people in the community:

  • We believe people have the right to take part in decisions that will affect them
  • We believe in real conversations that inform and involve people
  • We believe engaging our patients and citizens leads to better and more widely-supported decisions, and greater trust
  • We value the feedback and input we get from patients and citizens
  • We respect the right to know why and how decisions have been made by sharing information

Building Our Capacity

Capital Health has created an Guide to Effective Engagement and is developing training programs for staff to ensure we are creating meaningful engagement opportunities for patients, families and the public.

Capital Health’s leadership program (My Leadership) helps our staff build the necessary skills and capabilities to help them undertake meaningful engagement opportunities for patients, families and citizens. Following are the My Leadership skills and capabilities linked to engagement:

  • Be fully present, open and available to others
  • Enable others to learn, grow and contribute meaningfully
  • Listen deeply
  • Inspire and encourage a dedication to health
  • Communicate effectively with a wide variety of stakeholders
  • Align actions to Our Promise and to rapidly changing environments
  • Lead change consistent with organizational values and a commitment to health
  • Hold myself and others accountable for results, mindful of my role as a public steward
  • Manage resources responsibly, creatively and with a focus on quality improvement
  • Build and develop effective teams, partnerships, coalitions and networks
  • Navigate socio-political environments successfully to improve service to our community

Tracking Our Progress

We will track our engagement progress through actions and activities to achieve three main outcomes:

  • Patients, families and citizens participate in Capital Health’s decision-making and priority-setting processes.
  • Patients, families and citizens, stakeholders are influencing our decisions and priorities through their involvement.
  • Capital Health changes how it works to ensure we are actively engaging patients and communities.

To learn more, look at our Progress Measurement Framework or contact us at participate@cdha.nshealth.ca