Mental Health Day Treatment Program

The Mental Health Day Treatment Program is a full-time, six week intensive group psychotherapy program for adults 18 year of age and over.

Our program serves individuals with mental illness who also have long-standing problems relating with others and regulating emotions. During the treatment, you participate in a variety of therapy groups and activities that will provide skills and knowledge to assist you in achieving daily routines and leading a more rewarding life. Some groups that we offer are: Goal Setting, Relaxation, Assertiveness Training, Feelings Group, etc.

The program staff is comprised of several disciplines - psychiatry, psychology, social work, occupational therapy, recreational therapy and nursing. Administrative support is provided by a unit clerk. While staff come from diverse fields, they work together as a team to ensure that all participants receive the best treatment possible.

During the program, staff will work with you and your referring clinician to ensure follow-up treatment and care.

These videos help to explain who we are and what we do.

“When you have people that care as much as this program cares you walk away feeling that there is hope.” - MHDTP Participant


If you are interested in joining the program you will need a referral from a clinical therapist in Mental Health and Addictions within the Nova Scotia Health Authority or from a psychiatrist from any location who is treating you. For more information about the referral process, please contact us. 

Once we receive a referral form, an intake committee will meet to look at the suitability and timing of the program for you, and if appropriate you will be placed on a waitlist. The wait time can sometimes be several months. While on the waitlist, you are not formally admitted to the program and remain under the care of your referring clinician.

Before entering the program, you will meet with your assigned case coordinator to conduct an assessment. During this meeting, your case coordinator will determine what preparation work needs to be done. This work can take anywhere from a week to a few months. Once this work is done it will be reviewed and you will be considered for entry into the program. You will begin with a two-week trial period to ensure that you are able to endure the rigors of the program.

Patient Resources

Research at the QEII Health Sciences Centre is highlighting how physical changes in our brains impact our mental health, and how psychotherapy may be able to harness the process of neuroplasticity to heal injured brains. Neuroplasticity refers to the brain's ability to reorgnize itself by creating new neural connections to compensate for injury and disease. At the Mental Health Day Treatment Program, Drs. Jackie Kinley and Sandra Reyno explore the links between neuroplasticity and resilience - the ability to recover quickly from challenges. To learn more, go to


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Hours of Service:
Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

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