Electronic Health Records

Horizon Patient Folder, Capital Health’s electronic patient health record is designed to improve the quality of your care and protect your health information.

Patient records of visits to all sites within Capital Health are available to health care teams through the Horizon Patient Folder. Eventually all patient information generated from community health teams within Capital Health  will be available on Horizon Patient Folder.  

Our commitment to you

Capital Health is committed to protecting your privacy and the privacy of your information while you are in our care. The information stored in the Horizon Patient Folder is located in Capital Health’s secure computer network. In order to access your information, your health care team must use a series of passwords. In many ways it is much more secure than moving files from location to location.

Horizon Patient Folder

Your electronic file can contain physician’s reports on an operation, lab test results, prescribed medications and other relevant medical history. Horizon Patient Folder is an electronic filing system for patient records that can be accessed by authorized members of your health care team through Capital Health’s computer system.

Improving your care

When your health care team is developing a care plan for you, having access to the history of your visits is very helpful. With paper records, this requires finding and transporting your files to the care team, a process that can sometimes take hours depending on the time of day and the location of the records.

Patient records are now being scanned into Horizon Patient Folder to give your health care team quick access to important information about your health directly from our computer system.

The benefits to you

  • Faster decision making because information is up to date and accessible within minutes.
  • Your health care team is better informed about your medical history.
  • Reduced need to repeat procedures such as x-rays and lab tests when you move from site to site.
  • Improved communication among health care teams.
  • Improved security as a result of not transporting or faxing paper records between sites.
  • Protecting your health information.

For more information about privacy and confidentiality or your health information records, contact the Privacy Officer at 902-473-2626 or privacy@cdha.nshealth.ca