Antifibrinolytic Drugs (Tranexamic Acid)

What is it?

Antifibrinolytics are chemicals that prevent the breaking down of blood clots. They do this by breaking down the proteins that are responsible for breaking down blood clots. If the blood clots are maintained and not destroyed there is less bleeding during surgery. This product does NOT contain any human blood components.

How is it given?

Antifibrinolytic medications in the form of Tranexamic Acid is given through a tube that goes directly into your blood. The drug is given all the time during the surgery.

What are the benefits?

Using antifibrinolytic medications during surgery has been shown to reduce blood loss during the operation. If blood loss is reduced, it will decrease the need for transfusion. This is helpful because it decreases your exposure to the risks of a red blood cell transfusion.

What are the risks or side effects?

Tranexamic Acid may cause allergic reactions varying from skin flushing to heart failure or heart attack. The drug may cause an upset in the digestive system. The medication also increases the risk of blood clots in the legs and lungs.