What is it?

Octaplex is a complex that contains a number of blood clotting factors (II. VII, IX, X) as well as two proteins (C & S). Octaplex contains human blood components.

How is it given?

This medication goes directly into your bloodstream through a tube in your arm. It can be given before or during your surgery.

What are the benefits?

Some people take a medication to thin their blood (warfarin). If these people have a lot of bleeding, or need to have a procedure that might cause bleeding, Octaplex® can be given to reverse the affect of warfarin. Sometimes a second dose might be needed if the bleeding continues.

What are the risks or side effects?

Octaplex® may cause headaches and other allergic reactions (hives, fever, etc.) There is also a rare risk of disease and catching a virus because it is made from blood components.