Tisseel®, Fibrin Sealant

What is it?

Fibrin sealant is a combination of different proteins that are involved in blood clotting. These proteins include clotting factors called thrombin and fibrinogen. Fibrin sealants may also contain antifibrinolytic components that make sure the blood clot does not break down. This product contains a very small amount (0.2 mL) of plasma.

How is it given?

A syringe is used to spray on the four different proteins in the sealant. The spray is put directly on the part of your body that needs it.

What are the benefits?

The blood clotting proteins in the sealant form blood clots to prevent a lot of leaking of blood or other fluids. It is most helpful when your clotting proteins are not working well.

What are the risks or side effects?

There is a risk of disease and catching a virus because it is made from plasma components. There is also a risk of infection or allergic reaction.