District Medical Advisory Committee

The District Medical Advisory Committee was established to advise the Capital Health Board on matters concerning the provision of quality patient care, teaching and research within Capital Health. Several sub-committees and teams have also been formed in order provide quality advice

DMAC Executive Committee

The DMAC Executive Committee is responsible for developing the monthly DMAC agenda and for conducting business of the DMAC occuring between regular meetings. They are also responsible for reviewing recommendations to the DMAC regarding changes or updates necessary to the Capital Health Medical Staff Bylaws and Rules and Regulations. 

DMAC Quality Committee

The DMAC Quality Committee acts as a forum for medical staff discussion and resolution of quality issues and accountable to both the DMAC and the Quality Committee of the Capital Health Board. The Quality Committee provides leadership and direction for quality clinical and academic care, quality measurement and quality improvement for health care provided within Capital Health. They also plan quality management programs and are responsible for educating and communicating with Medical Staff and Clinical Care providers on such programs and activities.


  • District Utilization Management & Clinical Outcomes Committee
  • District Patient Safety Advisory Committee 

District Credentials Committee

The District Credentials Committee ensures Capital Health medical staff members hold the appropriate and required credentials as determined by the standards of legislation and policy. They ensure medical staff members provide complete and bona fide records of their credentials and references through the initial application and reappointment processes. The Credentials Committee also makes recommendations for Capital Health's medical staff appointments.

Site Clinical Affairs Committees

The Site Clinical Affairs Committee considers matters relevant to the ongoing performance and effectiveness of the health care facilities and sites concerning their respective roles. The committee also provides advice on  planning, policy, budget and operations as well as evaluations of clinical care, educational and research issues pertinent to the site.

District Drugs and Therapeutics Committee

The District Drugs and Therapeutics Committee ensures the maintenance of high quality drug therapy by maintaining a selection of high quality drugs for use throughout Capital Health facilities. The committee also co-ordinates and recommends policy development, maintenance, approval and communication of all matters related to the use of medications and other medical therapies.

D & T Decisions Newsletter


  • Antimicrobial
  • Formulary
  • Nutrition Support
  • IV Drug Therapy
  • Mental Health
  • Oncology
  • Dartmouth & Community Hospitals

DMAC Nominating Committee

The DMAC Nominating Committee coordinates the nominations and elections procedures for the selection of  the DMAC Chair, Vice Chair and Executive Committee. This group ensures proper nomination and election processes are followed. Other responsibilities include establishing a mechanism to ensure nominees are contacted and are agreeable to serve, the maintenance of an ongoing record of standing committee memberships and ensure balance and fairness of appointments from year to year.