District Medical Staff Association

The District Medical Staff Association - DMSA fosters a professional, stimulating and collaborative work environment intended to actively engage physicians in the future of Capital Health.

We promote and support physician mental and physical well-being and a healthy work place which attracts and retains physicians. We advocate for physicians through inclusion, leadership development and the promotion of a workplace that values integrity, research, learning, teaching, clinical excellence and the communication of knowledge. We are committed to the provision of the highest standards of patient care and the promotion of healthy lifestyles.


We are delighted that you have chosen to come and work in this community and we would like to tell you about ourselves. We exist to support, represent and communicate with physicians who work within the Capital District Health Authority.

We support doctors in their working environment in all matters that govern the practice of medicine. We represent doctors to all official bodies that influence their working environment. We facilitate communication between CH, doctors and the greater community.

DMSA has an elected executive consisting of a President, Vice-President, Secretary-Treasurer, Past President, QEII Representative, Dartmouth Representative, Mental Health Representative and a Cobequid Representative. We have an Executive Assistant who has an office on the Victoria General site.

As an organization, we are working on improving communication at all levels and making sure that the voice of doctors is clearly heard at all decision making levels within the administrative structure. We are involved in developing the concept of co-management and helping doctors in developing their requirements to participate in this process.

We also feel that doctors have huge leadership roles in their areas of expertise and this relates not just to the practice of medicine, but also the academic requirements relating to teaching and research. These specialized skills need to be represented clearly as the Capital Health carries a significant responsibility in this regard.

We are always open to dialogue and hope that you will look to us for help, guidance and suggestions with respect to any aspects of your life here.