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Set Up Access to Electronic Results

Nova Scotia Health Authority's Information Management & Technology Primary Health Care and Community Applications team (PHCCA) will assist eligible health care providers in completing the process to establish an electronic results delivery to their practice (e.g. lab and diagnostic imaging). There are three EMR options available in Nova Scotia: Accuro, Med Access and Practimax.

Requesting the delivery of Laboratory and Diagnostic Imaging Results for a Provider can take up to a month to complete. Providing the PHCCA team with as much advanced notice as possible and responding in a timely manner will ensure that you are added as quickly as possible. To start your e-results setup, please take the following steps:

  • Please complete the eResults Request Form and the eResults Conditions of Appropriate Use Form and fax both forms to the PHCCA team at 902-407-3019. Note: Incomplete forms will delay processing. Please ensure that ALL forms are signed and that ALL fields are completed.
  • Upon receipt of both the completed eResults Request Form and the eResults Conditions of Appropriate Use Form, the PHCCA team will contact you (within 2 business days) to confirm receipt, clarify required information and begin working with you to complete the e-results set up process.
  • Optional: Please complete the AutoFax Form if you would like to receive faxed results for results that are not eligible for electronic delivery.

Electronic Results Delivery - Change Requests

  • Changes to the Delivery of eResults (i.e. Re-routing/Terminating): Please complete the appropriate section of the eResults Request Form or eResults Termination Form. Fax the completed form to the PHCCA team at 902-407-3019 or scan & email the form to In order to have your printed Lab and DI reports faxed to your location, please fill out the Autofaxing form below. In the event of any EMR change or deactivation of eResults, your paper results will be engaged to ensure no disruption in receipt of results.
  • Stop Print Requests: Print results will continue to be mailed or faxed simultaneously with electronic results until the Provider submits a request to stop printing. Providers can send an email to with their request to stop printing according to the guidelines outlined in the eResults Conditions of Appropriate Use.

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