Primary Health Care Connections

Primary Health Care Connections is an initiative that assists people with finding a family practice.

It is currently being piloted with patients who visit the three urban emergency departments in Capital Health. Information about Primary Health Care Connections is provided to patients during registration at the emergency department if they indicate they do not have a family physician.

Callers to the initiative are screened based on their health care needs. People with lower health needs, such as those looking for a family physician for their routine care, are directed to contact family practices in their community that are advertising for new patients. Those with complex health needs, such as individuals with a chronic condition, complete a medical history form with the Primary Health Care Connections coordinator.

Primary Health Care Connections maintains a list of family practices that can be contacted to accept new patients, as many family physicians are willing to take a few new patients into their practice. The coordinator sends the medical history form to the accepting family physician to give the family practice a snapshot of the patient’s health. This helps create a smooth transition for the accepting family physician and the new patient.

Over time, the Primary Health Care Connections initiative will redirect some patients to visit the family physician that they have been connected with rather than seek care in an emergency department for health conditions that can be treated in a family practice setting.

Information about how to contact Primary Heath Care Connections is available on the Find a Family Practice page.