Quality Collaborative - Diabetes

Quality collaboratives are organized efforts to reinforce evidence-based health care in real life settings. Family physicians and members of their teams come together to learn and share ways of processes and outcomes, apply the learnings in their practices, and track the impact of the practice improvements. Research and experience demonstrates that quality collaboratives are an effective way for primary health care providers to learn and support improvements in health outcomes for patients.

Primary Health Care’s first quality collaborative is focused on diabetes, a common health condition that can lead to serious health complications if not effectively managed. Through this quality collaborative, patients of participating family practices, from across the district, will receive improved diabetes care, leading to improved diabetes outcomes (medium to long-term) and patient satisfaction. Intra and interdisciplinary working relationships among the participating family physicians and other primary care providers will improve, and will contribute to building confidence in primary care providers to address quality of care on an ongoing basis.

Aims and Measures of the Quality Collaborative

Improvement AreaMeasure
Know patients living with diabetesNumber of diabetes patients who are entered into the diabetes registry
Capture of Clinical MeasuresNumber/percentage of patients with diabetes who have their clinical measures documented or reviewed
Use of a care planPercentage of patients with diabetes (baseline) with a care plan (with a self management component) created or reviewed
BMIPercentage of patients with diabetes (baseline) who have BMI documented
EyePercentage of patients with diabetes (baseline) with eye exam discussed and/or referred
LipidsPercentage of patients with diabetes (baseline) with last recorded LDL-C < 2.0
BloodPressure Percentage of patients with diabetes (baseline) with last recorded Blood Pressure level ≤ 130/80
hbA1CPercentage of patients with diabetes (baseline) with last recorded bbA1C of ≤ 7%

Workshop Videos 

View the videos that were recorded during the Quality Collaborative participant workshops: