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Nova Scotia Health is a hub of cutting-edge discovery and innovation. We are constantly looking for ways to improve the level of care we are able to provide. We have also partnered with Dalhousie University and the IWK Health Centre to create a world-leading research environment.

By pooling our resources, we are giving our people the tools to put their ideas into action and forge positive change in our communities.

Our 2020 Research and Innovation Annual Report (.pdf) has just been released. In it, you’ll find inspiring stories of research, innovation and partnership.This vital work is evidence of our commitment to health care innovation that means better health care and outcomes for Nova Scotians. 

  • If you are looking to collaborate with NSHA on Personal Protective Equipment, please email us at
  • If you are looking to partner with NSHA on research or innovation projects to support NSHA’s COVID-19 response, please contact us at
Survey Invitation on the Virtual Care User Experience of Healthcare Providers
We are seeking the input of our clinical care providers and are asking them take part in a joint NS Health and IWK research study titled, “Bringing care closer to home: Virtual care during COVID-19 and beyond”. Taking part in this study is completely voluntary but clinician and care provider participation is greatly appreciated.  The information collected for the review will help inform future planning as it relates to virtual care. To participate in the survey, please click here: 
For more information on the study, or how to participate, please contact Dr. Tara Sampalli, PhD, Senior Scientific Director, Research & Innovation, Nova Scotia Health:

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