Hazard Identification - Safety & Injury Prevention

Hazard Risk Assessment and Control is critical to the success and effectiveness of any Occupational Health and Safety Program. Hazard Identification is a proactive process to identify hazards and potential hazards in order to eliminate or reduce the risk of injury/illness to workers and damage to property, equipment and the environment.

An employer must identify hazards and potential hazards in the workplacea and develop an action plan to in order to eliminate or control the hazards. The Hazard Identification Program and Workplace Inspection Program are two separate processes that compliment each other. 


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Safety & Injury Prevention Programs has developed templates to guide supervisors in identifying hazards and assigning appropriate controls. These are to be used as a starting point.


The Hazard Identification and Control Form is a document that provides clarity concerning responsibilities and the specifics to the Central Zone'sprocess for conducting hazard assessments.


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Program Contacts

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