Heat Stress Management

The Heat Stress Management Program was developed to promote a healthy workplace and to comply with legislative requirements.

The program provides guidance and direction to staff who may be exposed to conditions which could result in a worker's core body temperature exceeding 38°C (100°F), or conditions which are in excess of the screening criteria values for heat stress exposure.


  • Please remember to drink water and avoid over-exertion when you are working in areas without air conditioning if the Humidex levels are above 30.

  • Follow the work-rest regime guidelines that are in our Heat Stress Management Program (15-110).

  • Please close windows to keep the heat out, when it is hotter outside than it is inside. Closing blinds and using fans are also helpful options.

  • Some individuals may be more susceptible to heat than others so work with your supervisor/manager in these situations.


Related Resources


A short power point presentation is available on the Central Zone Learning Management System (LMS). Search for "Heat Stress Management" after you long into the system.