Incident Reporting and Investigation (SAFE Line)

The 902-473-SAFE (7233) telephone reporting process allows employees to report workplace hazards and incidents 24 hours a day by leaving a detailed voice message. The information is recorded in a database that is used for follow-up with the employee’s manager/supervisor and statistical reporting. More information is avaliable on our SAFE Line Quick Reference.

Report all workplace hazards and incidents that could cause or has caused harm to individuals:

  • Damage to property
  • Equipment
  • Materials
  • Environment

Including all injuries or illness related to:

  • Close calls without injury
  • Abusive behaviour (bullying, harassment, verbal and physical)
  • Any/all safety concerns

The SAFE line is for the documentation of workplace hazards or incidents. It is NOT a first response for incidents. For accidents, the employee is required to:  

  • Obtain first aid or medical assistance if necessary (refer to CH 15-023 Employee Emergency/First Aid Treatment)
  • Report to their immediate manager/supervisor (if medical status prevents immediate reporting, do so as soon as possible)
  • Call the 902-473-SAFE (7233) line within 24 hours (if medical status prevents immediate notification to SAFE, do so as soon as possible)

If an employee misses time from work, and/or sees a physician, or has an accidental exposure to blood/body substances, SAFE initiates the Workers Compensation Board process within five days on behalf of the employee. Payroll and Benefits, completes the WCB report and forwards to WCB.

In all cases the manager or supervisor of the employee is required to investigate the accident. 



For the Violence Incident Investigation Report Form, go to the Workplace Violence Prevention page.

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