Injury Prevention

The injury prevention program works to reduce employee injuries related to patient handling, office ergonomics and other movement and lifting requirements of the job. The program can assist managers and employees for workplace ergonomic assessments that includes, but is not limited to, equipment for safe patient handling, computer workstation evaluation, options when required to lift objects or move devices during routine work. The ultimate goal is to reduce Injury Rates and Costs for Healthcare in Nova Scotia.  

Office Ergonomics (to assist managers and employees for workplace assessment)

First and foremost, always remember to take micro breaks. Get out of your chair once every 10‐30 minutes (two to four times per hour) and stand up. As the first step when setting up your chair or workstation use this LMS Module, Office Ergonomics.  Login using cdha\username and your password.  The handouts for this module can be found by clicking the link, Ergonomic Checklist  and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).  Another resource that is available is the Computer Workplace Presentation .

If after two or three weeks, you continue to have problems associated with the workstation set up, take a picture of your setup as instructed in the LMS module, Office Ergonomics, if you have not already done so.  This must be completed before an onsite assessment will be considered.

If you are in Dartmouth (DGH or NSH), please complete and submit the Injury Prevention Workstation Review Referral Form and you will be contacted to schedule an onsite assessment.

To ensure these resources work better for you and others, we encourage you to complete the Computer Workstation Feedback Form.


If you would like to be a Workstation Review Champion for your area, ask your manager to call the program contact listed below.


Program Contact

Randy Tresidder, Injury Prevention Consultant
QEII Bethune Building, Room 242
1276 South Park Street
Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3H 2Y9
Tel: 902-473-3787