Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (JOHSC)

Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (JOHSC) are generally set up for each building throughout the organization. All staff should be aware of their JOHSC committee members. The committees operate under the Occupational Health and Safety Act to meet the safety obligations in the workplace.  Joint Occupational Health and Safety Policy Committee - Terms of Reference

A few departments in the QEII Health Sciences Centre also have Workplace Safety Teams that do not have regulatory authority, however, they do provide an opportunity for managers and staff in those departments to identify safety concerns and work collaboratively on solutions. 

The chairs of all the JOHSC’s meet regularly as a Policy Committee to discuss health and safety issues and provide input into safety policies and procedures.


JOHSC CommitteesJ
Central Zone JOHSC Sites and Co-Chairs (Updated 2018-03-29)
List of JOHSC Safety Bulletin Boards

JOHSC Committee Training (Central Zone only)
Committee training modules are now provided by AWARE NS. They cover Occupational Health & Safety legislation, hazard identification, inspections, reporting and incident investigations.
Link to AWARE NS
The NSHA Central Zone Safety officers will still coordinate refresher training or additional training requirements with committees directly.

Committee Members and Annual Reports

Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committees
Bayers RoadMembersAnnual Report
Cobequid Health CentreMembersAnnual Report
Community Transition ProgramMembersAnnual Report
Continuing CareMembersAnnual Report
Dartmouth GeneralMembersAnnual Report
Distribution Centre (Dorey Ave)MembersAnnual Report
East Coast Forensic MembersAnnual Report
Eastern Shore MemorialMembersAnnual Report
Hants Community HospitalMembersAnnual Report
Mumford Road (Primary Health Care)MembersAnnual Report
Musquodoboit Valley RegionalMembersAnnual Report
Nova Scotia HospitalMembersAnnual Report
Public Health  MembersAnnual Report
Twin Oakes MemorialMembersAnnual Report
QEII 6 & 7 Abbie J. Lane  MembersAnnual Report
QEII Engineering Services   MembersAnnual Report
QEII Laboratory Services MembersAnnual Report
QEII Halifax Infirmary   MembersAnnual Report
QEII Rehabilitation Services  MembersAnnual Report
QEII Veterans Memorial Building  MembersAnnual Report
QEII Victoria General  MembersAnnual Report