Return to Work (Worker's Compensation Board-WCB)

When an injury occurs on the job resulting in a loss of time at work, the Worker's Compensation Board Specialist and Worker's Compensation Board Advisor:

  • Assist employees in navigating the WCB system
  • Arrange early assessments with WCB contracted clinics
  • Help employees access available support systems
  • Facilitate a safe and timely return to work

Advice and education is also provided for those workers who are in the WCB process. This includes:

  • Providing safe lifting and body mechanics education
  • Conducting ergonomic assessments
  • Assessing work environments and job positions for individuals with limitations

For employees not in the WCB process, the Injury Prevention Program can provide ergonomic assessments and safe lifting advice in order to help prevent workplace injuries.


  • A Worker's Guide explaining the direct access to early assessment of sprains and strains at work.

Program Contact

Jen Bullman, WCB Specialist
Tel: 902-430-8827

Wendy Rutledge, WCB Advisor
Tel: 902- 473-8435