Course Dates - WHMIS

Train the Trainer

This course qualifies Capital Health staff to instruct in WHMIS within their own department / unit or facility. The course does not qualify them to instruct in WHMIS outside our Capital Health environment.

Who Should Attend?

  • New WHMIS trainers/representatives who have not previously taken this training
  • Existing trainers/representatives who want a refresher

Trainers/representatives are required to either take the course or quiz and achieve a pass-mark of 80 per cent to be exempt from the class.

Managers will only be notified if the trainer/representative does not pass the quiz. Although the course is held twice yearly, WHMIS trainers/representatives are required to take the course or the quiz once a year to maintain their qualifications.

Complete Registration Form and send to: or

The following can be ordered from printing by completing and submitting a Printing Services Requisition for Duplicating form.

  • Brochure Handout - A721
  • Certificate - PRINA726
  • Review Handbook and Quiz - PRINA991
  • Posters
    • 8 ½ “ X 11” - A720
    • 11” x 17” - A722


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