Handling, Storage & Disposal Checklist

Handling Checklist

All controlled products are handled using the following general rules:

  • Prohibit eating, drinking and smoking in areas where chemicals are present
  • Ensure that the personal protective equipment you wear is suitable to protect you from the hazardous substance you are dealing with
  • Follow decanting and labeling procedures
  • Consult a qualified support person before handling an unlabeled or damaged container
  • Properly seal containers when not in use

Storage Checklist

All controlled products in the storage area are:

  • Correctly labeled
  • Frequently inspected for leakage or damage; leaking containers must be reported immediately
  • Tightly closed
  • Keep access to exits and emergency equipment are kept clear
  • Keep used or contaminated materials in covered containers
  • Never take shortcuts when handling, using, storing or disposing of hazardous chemicals
  • Know emergency alarm signals and procedures; take workplace safety seriously
  • Ensure that all chemical wastes are identified, contained and disposed of safely

Disposal Checklist

All controlled products for disposal are:

  • Correctly labeled
  • Placed in sound containers and tightly sealed
  • MSDS or other source of hazard information available
  • Stored appropriately while awaiting disposal

Product Disposal

To ensure the health and safety of staff and patients, dispose of controlled (hazardous) products, which are no longer used or needed in your unit or department. For product disposal within Capital Health, contact 902-662-3336 Ext 224.
Fill out the Request for Removal of Chemicals Form and Fax to 902-662-3255.