Information for Staff

Student/Learner Placement Service works closely with educational institutions across Canada, including local institutions such as Dalhousie University and the Nova Scotia Community College, to arrange unpaid clinical and non-clinical placements for post secondary students (except medical students) in facilities throughout Capital Health. 

We also arrange sharing of expertise and maintenance of competency placements for health care professionals employed by Canadian institutions such as District Health Authorities and the National Department of Defence.

Student/Learner Placement Service is guided by the CH100-025 Affiliate Placement Service policy and internal procedures and guidelines to arrange appropriate learning experiences for students/learners based on the information and learning objectives received with the placement request. 

We ensure that an Affiliation Agreement is in place between Capital Health and the requesting institution and that criminal records check results, confirmation of required immunizations and a signed placement agreement have been received for each student/learner before their placement starts. Once the necessary documentation is received we notify security services and arrange for the student to obtain a Capital Health Security ID badge.

Student/Learner Placement Service uses the Health Sciences Placement Network (HSPnet) to manage more than 3000 placements annually. All placements are entered into this database and statistical information is extracted for annual and semi-annual reports, as well as requests from services/departments.

Managers (or designates) can be set up on this system as a Destination Coordinator (DC) to receive requests for their service/department. Participation also gives the manager comprehensive data on the number of students placed with the service/department and can provide statistics on departmental usage, staff preceptor participation, etc. 

To learn more visit HSPnet or contact Student/Learner Placement Service. We’ll gladly answer any questions you may have, or set up an account for you if you would like to use HSPnet to manage your student placement requests.

Policies relevant to staff supervising students: