Walking may not always be possible for someone who has lost a leg. Some people may use a prosthesis to walk, others may rely more on a wheelchair or other mobility aid (walker, crutches) to get around.

Whether you need to buy a wheelchair will depend on many things, but most people who wear a prosthetic leg also choose at times to use a wheelchair.

Some of these times include:

  • First thing in the morning before getting dressed. Some amputees will use their wheelchair to go to/from the bathroom and get washed before putting on their prosthesis
  • When their prosthesis is being repaired or they are waiting for a new one
  • In the community or for longer distances
  • When recovering from skin breakdown on their amputated limb
  • When they have swelling or are tired from using their prosthesis
  • When safety is a concern or they have balance and coordination problems

The type of wheelchair needed also depends on many things.

For someone who uses a wheelchair daily or for long periods of time, a custom wheelchair will likely be needed to prevent skin breakdown (pressure sores), prevent deformities (that could impact prosthesis fitting) and provide proper support.

For someone who uses a wheelchair occasionally, that person may choose to rent a wheelchair or borrow one from an equipment loan program such as Canadian Red Cross.

Below are a few resources we have provided for wheelchair users or those considering getting a wheelchair to use. (look in Information for Amputees for the URL’s)