Dependents in Health/Dental Plans for 2016 Semester

Monday, December 21, 2015 - 10:04am

Is your child still covered under your Extended Health or Dental plan beyond December 31, 2015?

If you only submitted proof that they were in school for the fall term, you will need to send proof that they are attending school as a full time student for the 2016 winter semester.

If your dependent(s) is between 21-26 years old and in full time attendance at a recognized education institution, please provide one of the following documents to ensure coverage continues on your Extended Health and/or Dental plan:

  • A letter* from the institution indicating your dependent is registered as a full-time student (3 or more courses) for the upcoming 2016 winter semester OR
  • A listing* of courses that your dependent is registered for the upcoming 2016 winter semester.

*School logo and full time attendance must be clearly indicated.

Note:  If your child is turning 21 prior to the end of August 2016, proof of full-time attendance at a recognized education institution (as noted above) will be required to ensure coverage does not cease on their 21st birthday.

Please send the requested documentation no later than Jan. 22, 2016, to:

  • By mail:  Attention: Benefits Administrator, Nova Scotia Health Authority, 1276 South Park Street, Halifax NS, B3H 2Y9 OR
  • Internal mail:  Attention: Benefits Administrator, Room 120, 1st floor Bethune Building OR
  • Fax:  902-473-6414 OR
  •  Email:

Questions or concerns, please call:  Benefits Administrator — 902-473-5757, Press 3, Press 1 (Toll Free:  1-866-473-5757, Press 3, Press 1)