Safety Tips - Managed Services

Safety and Security

  • If working after normal hours, ensure area is well lit
  • Be aware of your surroundings and environment at all times
  • Inform others (Security) that you are there
  • Never carry large amounts of money
  • Do not leave your office unlocked or open if your not there…even for a short period of time. 80 per cent of all crime is “crime of opportunity”
  • Leave all unnecessary credit cards at home
  • Always secure your valuables
  • Always secure your equipment and office
  • Report all suspicious persons or activities and suspect sounds and smells i.e.: burning smells, individuals in an unauthorized area, loitering etc.
  • The Security Department offers escorts (on site) any time you do not feel comfortable walking alone. Contact the Security Shift Supervisor to request an escort
  • Familiarize yourself with the Staff Emergency Response Manual (Disaster Plan) and be aware of the location of all fire exit
  • Familiarize yourself with procedures for building evacuations and emergency protocols
  • Lost or stolen items should be reported to the Security Shift Supervisor immediately upon discovery

Wearing Your Identification Card

  • Assists patients in distinguishing staff
  • Assists in distinguishing staff from patients and visitors
  • May be required for after-hours access
  • May be required when signing out keys
  • Required for access during times of emergencies
  • All employees, students’ volunteers and clergy must adhere to CDHA CH 20-050 Identification Program policy and must wear (or-if applicable) their identification while on Capital Health property

Identification Card

  • There is a cost due to damage or loss
  • Report loss immediately. This will help to restrict others from using it
  • Should not be perforated or obscured
  • Is property of Capital Health and must be returned should your employment end with Capital Health