By the numbers: Sustainability

Tuesday, June 5, 2012 - 3:38pm

Capital Health serves 400,000 citizens from West Hants to Sheet Harbour, including Halifax Regional Municipality, and provides specialist services to the rest of Nova Scotia and Atlantic Canada. Operating nine hospitals and numerous other locations requires major resources, but Capital Health is making strides in environmental and financial sustainability. These are some stats.

20.2 litres – water saved per kilogram of laundry washed in our continuous batch washing machine, compared to a conventional commercial washer. The Central Laundry does more than 16,000 kg of laundry a day.

291 – fewer green bins filled with discarded food each year since the introduction of a new layered inpatient menu, a 42 per cent reduction and savings of almost $50,000 annually

$250,000 – approximate annual savings of reduced electrical consumption through major lighting retrofit.

270,554 kgs – reduction of annual volume of biomedical waste since 2008-09 thanks to campaign on appropriate use of yellow (biomedical) waste and black (regular) waste bags. It costs almost 10 times more to dispose of biomedical waste than regular waste.

99.9 per cent – reduction of sulphur dioxide emissions released into atmosphere by switching from bunker fuel to natural gas