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We’ve been talking a lot about impact of alcohol in our communities in recent years. Nova Scotia’s “culture of alcohol” has been highlighted in the news and the focus of grassroots community events and conversations on Twitter and around kitchen tables.

Why is it important to understand the impact of alcohol in Nova Scotia?

Alcohol use in Nova Scotia is a complicated issue. While alcohol is often used in celebrations and social settings, the misuse of alcohol can result in a pervasive and chronic burden on our health, communities and economy. In Nova Scotia, alcohol plays a sizeable role in our provincial statistics related to property damage, noise disturbances, violence, traffic accidents and fatalities, child neglect and family harm, increased use of hospital beds, acute and chronic health issues.

Nova Scotia isn’t the only jurisdiction facing unprecedented financial and social costs related to alcohol misuse and overuse.

Municipal alcohol policies - changing culture

Communities around the globe are facing these challenges. Some of them are addressing this issue head-on through local level policy change.

Our report, Municipal Alcohol Policies: Options for Nova Scotia Municipalities, is a resource for municipal leaders and staff who want to make a difference in their communities by changing the culture of alcohol through local municipal policy. It highlights actions taken by communities around the world and policy options that are available to Nova Scotia municipalities.

The report is not prescriptive - we haven’t named what should be done. Rather, we outline what could be done within a comprehensive framework for municipal alcohol policies.

Who’s working on this in Nova Scotia

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