Case Costing FAQs

What is case costing?

Case costing is an accounting method that captures full costs of specific procedures and episodes of care by calculating all direct and indirect costs. It is sometimes called “patient-level costing.”

Why has Nova Scotia Health Authority - Central Zone implemented case costing?

Case costing helps managers, physicians, directors, the executive team, front line staff and the board to gain a better understanding of the services we provide when, for whom, by whom and at what cost. It presents information on the provision of services (what, where, when, why and how) and on financial and human resources that were not available previously. This information is used for analyses, comparisons, evaluations and decision-making.

We can answer questions like: How much does a lens implant cost at NSHA - Central Zone? How does that compare with the procedure done elsewhere? How do the outcomes compare? Solid answers and more informed decisions will help us to honour our commitment to sustainable health care and improved health outcomes.