Healthy Eating -WRW

In 2005, Capital Health (CH) created a healthy eating position statement and implemented a district wide healthy eating strategy.

In 2009, in light of Our Promise, the CH Healthy Food Citizen-Stakeholder Reference Group (RG) evolved from many years of discussion about Capital Health's role in promoting overall health and wellness of the population, in the context of the food choices served in it's restaurants, retail stores and vending services.

In 2011, Capital Health released its Healthy Eating Policy as well as updated its Healthy Eating Strategy.

Healthy Eating Tips

Consider the below tips for eating healthy and planning meals.

  • A single meal or day of eating rich foods will not make or break an otherwise healthy eating pattern.
  • Eating breakfast every day can help improve concentration, reduce hunger and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Eating together is linked with more healthy eating patterns.
  • Enjoy eating well, being active and feeling good about yourself.
  • Keep energized by having regular meals or snacks every three to four hours.
  • Eat a variety of foods because no single food is perfect.

Meal Planning Tips

  • A weekly meal plan can help you get organized, cut down on trips to the store and reduce reliance on take-out or delivered foods.
  • Healthy eating begins at the grocery store.
  • Read labels to guide your food choices.
  • Variety is the spice of life! Be adventurous and experiment with new taste sensations by trying new foods and different recipes.