Microbiology Services (Diagnostic)

The Diagnostic Microbiology Laboratory is located in the Mackenzie Building at the Queen Elizabeth II Health Sciences Centre. It is one of the largest of its kind in Canada. We provide essentially all the microbiology diagnostic services for Capital Health. As well, we serve as one of the anchor labs for Public Health Nova Scotia and do reference work for both New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island.

Diagnostic services are provided in a number of sections:

Our Mission

To continuously strive for the highest possible standards in the provision of diagnostics services and in our educational and research activities.

Our Values

We are committed to working with all health care professionals to assure the services that we provide are clinically relevant, that the test results are produced in a timely fashion and influence clinical decision making.

We believe in working as a team and that every member must contribute to the maximum extent of their abilities. We believe that teams work best when individuals take pride in the work that they do, are offered an opportunity to have input into decisions and when each member is treated with respect.

We believe that team members are most highly motivated when they are aware of the significant contribution that each makes to the care of individual patients.

We work towards a maximally efficient and safe work place.

Shelley Brushett, Microbiology Secretary
5788 University Avenue
Mackenzie Building
3rd Floor, Room 0315A
Halifax, Nova Scotia
B3H 1V8
Tel: 902-473-6624
Fax: 902-473-4432